Welcome! You’ve stumbled upon (perhaps, intentionally searched for) a solution-based, one-stop shop for all your digital signage needs. We at Inertia are a talented, creative, energetic, hard-working group of tech- “nerds” who “get it”! We understand that in this technologically advanced age (but in lean economic times), you need to do more with less. You need to do all your own marketing, advertising, branding, video production, graphic design, email marketing, web-site updating, “Face-booking”, tweeting....you get the picture--you have to do EVERYTHING!!!!

And that’s where Inertia Digital Signage comes in. We are here to help you get your message, your story, your business, your service--NOTICED. We help you to grab your audience’s ATTENTION...and we do it with style and intention. We install every kind of digital screen, in a multitude of custom configurations, and display your video/visual messaging, with a multitude of deployment options! This signage can be set up for stand-alone, self-serve clients, or we can set you up with a state-of-the-art, continuously updated, personal content broadcast station!!! We can even help you produce the content!!!

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